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(Cebu Pacific International Language Services)
Email: info@cpils.ru    
Benedicto Bldg, M.J Cuenco, Cebu City, Philippines 6000
Tel : +63-32-233-3232, skype: robert-rokos
Website: www.cpils.ru
Представительство в России:
Rokos Culture Exchange Center(RCEC)
3-601, Mordovtseva str., (ул.Мордовцева 3, оф.601)
Vladivostok 690091, Russia
tel. +7-423-291-1049, mob. +79143434487
e-mail:info@cpils.ru,  info@rokos.center
Website: www.cpils.ru,  www.rokos.center
skype: robert-rokos